I want to start this post on a personal note. I can’t thank everyone that was a part of this trip enough. From my bosses Scott Ochander and Dan Chudzynski back in North Manchester having the vision and belief in me to send me here, to everyone that I got to know during my two weeks in Jamaica. The team welcomed me in from day one, and although they were strangers when I arrived at Maranatha, they were definitely my friends when they headed on to Port Antonio for the final week of their trip. I feel incredibly blessed that this crazy dream I had of being a photographer has brought me to such incredible places and in front of such incredible people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For their last morning in Kingston, we headed out after breakfast to catch a couple sights that we hadn’t had the opportunity to see during the busy week including the Jamaica National Heroes Park, Sabina Park (cricket stadium) and Independence Park, the national soccer stadium. After that it was a quick bite to eat, packing and a bus trip to Port Antonio.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who was following along at home. It’s been an incredible couple weeks.

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5 thoughts on “1/12/2014

  1. As the grandparents of Tyler Kuzdas, we want to thank you for helping us follow the team on their journey. Such a great opportunity to see and share what they are seeing and participating in, almost in real time, Thank you for your photographic talents.
    Les & Louanne Kuzdas

  2. Lucas, your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for your blog. I got to see what my son was doing and sometimes see his smile. It made it easier for me knowing he was having fun and enjoying this trip. Thank you.

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